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Rev. Steve Robinson-Worley

Reverend S.M. Robinson-Worley, Founder; and his wife Anna are itinerant missionaries who have a heart to bring hope and healing to this generation. Steve and Anna travel and minister in Christian churches of all denominations. They predominately minister on the topics of Salvation, Healing, Revival, The Holy Spirit and knowing who you are in Christ. They believe that Jesus Christ, is the SAME, Yesterday, Today, Forever.
They have received various awards and honors for their efforts in breaking down the barriers of denomination, race, age, gender, culture and socioeconomic status that divide the Body of Christ.

Steve entered ministry in 1977. He has completed several Pastoral Specific Seminary programs and has additionally graduated the 15 hr law Enforcement Chaplaincy Training School through the International Conference of Police Chaplains, as well as various training programs in Sensitivity Training and Child Protection for Parochial Schools and Churches.

​Steve is a conference speaker and conducts services and workshops. He teaches the Word of God with confidence and experience. His style is unique in its combination of compassion and the power of the Holy Spirit. His passion is to train others on "How to do the Works that Jesus did" . Through his practical teaching and demonstrations he has seen lives transformed and healed by the Power of God.

​Steve is known by some for the miraculous healing that took place in 1989 when God instantaneously healed him from a rare and fatal cancer of his lymph system. The tumor was found by Doctors in his jaw under his tongue. After prayer, he returned to his Doctors and they were stunned and without any medical explanation as they declared him a walking miracle.

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