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Bishop William Bird Sr.

Since meeting Pastor Steve, I have observed him to be a faithful man of God, true to his calling and dedicated to the ministry. His ability to rightly divide the Word of God, his established relationship with various members of the Body of Christ, and his ability to nurture and encourage hurting lay members as well as clergy, helps confirm his natural instincts as a Pastor and Leader. He is very outgoing and exhibits leadership abilities,academic excellence and a professional decorum not found in many people. He has an inner strength and personal approachability which allows him to communicate well both professionally and socially. Sister Anna has always been a sweet and tender spirit. She is very diligent in her study of the bible and operates in the spirit of grace and humility. She is very attentive to the voice of the Lord,faithful in her prayer life and strong in her faith. She certainly possesses the strength, endurance, and humility which will enhance her service in a leadership position alongside her husband . I strongly recommend both he and his wife for any ministry event you may have in mind for your church.

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